Motivational Speech Goodness for your Friday!

We moved to Durham in July of 2014 to allow my husband to go back to school and get his MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business! It has been an adventure, the community has been such a gift through the school and it has been an incredible season of growth, and rest, especially after our first year of marriage (that’s a whole other blog series on that… One day… One day…).

But now that we are into our second year, that means we are coming to a point where the next step is looming, especially for my husband, as he is trying to figure out what his next job will be, and where it will be! We have a lot of thoughts and desires, but as he goes into each interview, it is knowing that he is doing the best that he can, and we leave the rest to God.

With that being said, Dan is such a huge fan of “hype videos”. They are his absolute favorite part of any sporting event, and he loves a good motivational speech. He loves to play videos over and over again, but especially in this season of interviews, he is on his “hype video game”! He played them for him and his fellow classmates before interviews for internships last year, and since he has been re-recruiting he has been playing them for himself before interviews. I made him play it before his interview this last Monday, and he has another interview today, so I figured I would play it for you, as your “Motivational Friday Goodness”!

Straight from Rocky Balboa!

xoxo, Jenilee Joy (& Dan.. haha)