Jenilee Joy

Born in Baton Rouge. Raised in Seattle. Transplanted to the District of Washington for an internship at National Community Church. Grew up going on cross-country road trips to visit family and friends. Learning from her parents, that “bored” was a bad word, she works hard to make everything an adventure, and to discover the joy in every situation. She married Dan (the man) Hurley on July 6th, 2013, and one of their life mottos is to “Choose Adventure”, which sometimes is harder than it seems! The Adventure is continuing in Durham and Duke! (Go Blue Devils!)

Jenilee got her Joy from her parents, after trying to have a baby for over five years. When they discovered Jenilee was on her way, they wanted to mark the excitement with the name Joy. Joy has been a prophetic part of Jenilee’s life. Through her personality, attitude and stories, there is always some sort of joy weaved in.

Her Faves:
Favorite monument in DC: World War II
Favorite thing I can’t live without: my iphone camera. I love taking photos.
Favorite food: A good burger!!
Favorite basic: black leggings.
Favorite memory with Summer: that one time we went to the Dulles airport to pick up Steffanie.
Least favorite memory with Summer: when Summer walked the 10k instead of running it.

  • Karen Schmidgall

    3 days ago I read a verse in Psa 119:143 that really challenged me to embrace … “As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy …” God & I are exploring that and he’s giving me an opportunity to enter into that today. 🙂