Summer Joy

Born and raised in the District of Washington, being of the small percentage of people able to say that. She has lived on Capitol Hill her whole life. She has had an eye for style and fashion from the age of 4, when she helped her Aunt Nina pick outfits to purchase in the dressing room of a store. She has got major barista skills and loves to experiment with new coffee concoctions. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Lakeland, FL!

Summer got her Joy from her Aunt Amanda. Wanting to continue a family legacy, her parents decided to continue that legacy through Summer, as well a prophetic declaration that she would be a joy bringer and it fit so well with Summer. Summer Joy. Since then two other cousins have been a part of the Joy legacy in Summer’s family.

Her Faves:
Favorite Place to Go: Georgetown or anywhere with water.
Favorite movie: The Other Woman
Favorite basic: Plain t-shirts, errrredayyy.
Favorite piece of jewelry: Simple gold initial necklace and Great Grandma’s ring that was passed down from my mom.
Favorite memory with Jenilee: When we cooked the bacon wrapped filets at her house…and being in her wedding.
Least Favorite memory with Jenilee: When she made me run the 10k.
Favorite thing I can’t live without: My purse. my whole life is in there, even my favorite, sour patch kids.

  • Karen Schmidgall

    So eager to hear how joy continues to fill you up. I see YOU bring joy to others and that is something YOU can’t really say … but may I say that everytime I see you, you give such a loving acknowledgment … that just “that” brings ME joy!