Are You My New Best Friend?

Each and every time I see someone with a Seattle Mariners’ hat, a Seattle Seahawks jersey, or really Seattle anything,  I feel the need to do one of two things: yell out “Go ______!” or strike up a conversation with them, and find out if they are from the Great Pacific Northwest or how many mutual friends we have. Because that is totally normal.

I think I get it from my Granddaddy. He never met a stranger. Anyone and everyone that was living and breathing was his friend, and he had something in common with him.

Yeah, I will say it’s genetic.

It happened earlier this week. Ran into a guy wearing a Seattle Mariners’ hat, I asked him if he was from Seattle, and he said Redmond, and then I starting asking specifics, and listen here folks, we knew some people in common!

Thanks Granddaddy, now I am that weird person trying to figure out if we can beat the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with each person I meet.

Because that is normal right?

18932368038_61dfa2b43e_zBut I secretly love it.

Maybe it’s the hometown pride? Maybe it’s Granddaddy’s legacy living through me?

Either way, I love finding things in common with people, ESPECIALLY if it has to do with my sweet home of the great Pacific Northwest, because it’s just great!

So a shout out to the 12th man, the home of great customer service, and good ole’ Everett!

Do you do the same thing? Or is this just me? Do you have a funny story about it? Comment below!