Closet Classics

Now, I use “classics” loosely, and that’s because I’m not going to sit here and tell you you need a white tee shirt and a good pair of jeans. Instead, I’ve come up with some classic pieces that are simple but have small elements that modernize it… So without further ado- these are pieces that I find have become staples in my wardrobe…

1. Structured bags are my new obsession! I adore the way they make an outfit look so put together!


Now by all means, it does not have to be a Michael Kors bag (I found mine at Target, and everybody seems to mistake it for a J. Crew bag!) but having a structured colorful bag can complete an outfit.

2. A plaid shirt. Enough said, this is my absolute favorite at the moment! In my opinion, you can change the look of plaid as much as a white tee shirt-  although it doesn’t look glamorous at first glance…


Adding a statement necklace and a jacket can make it a causal but classy look.



In the summertime it could be treated as a light sweater, and pairing it with jean shorts can create a timeless look. Or add a sweater over top during the fall!


3. One of my most worn items (and when I say most worn, I mean you rarely see me wearing different shoes) is Converse. The best part is that whether you’re wearing a dress, shorts, or pants it’ll go with everything (even a wedding dress)!


I have a white pair, which have gotten mighty dirty between concerts, working in the coffee shop, the beach etc.. etc.., but I actually love the look!

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Any day, any outfit, Converse will go with it!

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4. Another piece that would be considered a fall/winter essential but can actually be worn all year long- sweaters! Sounds odd to wear a sweater during the summer months, and may seem weird at first, but it has become a staple (especially in transition months)!

Finding the right match is key for the summer time!


Layering a sweater can be tricky, but once you find the right match- its unbeatable


Sweaters can also be layered over oversized dress for an easy effortless weekend outfit!



When you’re layering- a sweater will become your best friend and you might be surprised! So forget about jackets and throw a sweater over an outfit!


5. Now my last item is a broad category, but it’s out with the body hugging dresses and onto the loose fitting dresses, which I’m sure we’re all favorable of!


The T-shirt dress is my favorite style, but hard to come across one that is distinguishable and chic!


The fun colors on this dress can be worn to a bbq or taken on a vacation, regardless of where you wear it, it’s simple but still makes a statement


This girly dress is flattering but still conservative (my favorite pairing)


This dress is my favorite mainly because I love stripes, but i also love the casualty of it!


I would personally either wear this plain or add a denim jacket to dress it down


Let me know your favorite classics at the moment in the comments or tell me what look you’re trying out right now!

Xo, Summer Joy!


  • Lindsey

    LOVE both the striped and white dresses!

    …and Sincerely Jules because she is the cutest. Great choices! Oh, and People Stylewatch said that plaid is a look to watch for fall. But People’s got nothing on you S.S.