Cold weather favorites

As the cold weather continues to hurdle at us, it’s getting harder to┬ástay warm and still look put together. Here are some favorite fall pieces that never fail…


It’s time to pull out the leather, knit sweaters and heavy materials!


Sweaters are now an everyday essential! This is my favorite style to wear on a casual day


It hard to keep your shape under all of the piled layers and chunky sweaters, this peplum top is warm, but still shows off your shape.


There’s nothing better than a leather jacket. Throwing one over any outfit immediately changes the dynamic of an ensemble.


Hats are a good way to not only stay warm, but more importantly, hide a bad hair day! I tend to wear hats on planes, or when I’m going to be outside for a long period of time, especially when it starts to get brisk.

Stay warm and happy Monday!