Conversations & First Dates!

First dates somehow always have a little bit of awkward woven throughout them. But especially when they are a blind date. And especially awkward when the said blind date is an hour and forty-five minutes late.

I had a philosophy that everyone that asks, deserves a first date. Second and third dates were not given out so freely, but definitely the first. Not for the sole reason of a free meal, but you learn more about yourself in those situations, but you learn to have conversations, both good and bad. And let’s be honest, if the date is beyond anything you could’ve imagined, it makes out for a great story, right?

Well, that is what I told myself, and the philosophy that I lived my life. So when I was emailed about a first date from a guy who had no internet history or pictures of him that I could find (besides that one doctor, and another prisoner…), I lived up to what I had been telling people, “Everyone deserves a first date.”

I had a lot of practice with first dates, awkward conversations and I thought I had graduated from struggling with these conversations to learning to make anyone talk to me, but this date proved I had not achieved that status yet.

One word answers was all I got from this blind date.

Yes. No. Nope.

Those were the answers I got, and I was struggling! I thought I could have a conversation with a brick wall and get along great, but this date was proving me wrong.

I resorted to “Would You Rather Questions.” Like, “Would you rather have broccoli for armpit hair or mustard for snot?”

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

I have come a far way from that first date, and desperately using would you rather questions, but more questions that people can answer, and you get to know them on a better level. One of the best things that I learned was to be a student of other people. When you take the time to discover tidbits about them, it changes your perspective, and changes the way you go into a conversation.

Here are some of my favorites questions that I love to hear people share about:
1.) What did you want to be when you were in third grade?
2.) What was your favorite family memory? (or favorite family tradition?)
3.) What was your first job? (first car?)
4.) What were you most proud of when you were in high school?
5.) What is your most embarrassing moment?
6.)….And if all else fails, Would You Rather Questions work great!

So, that guy that I went on the blind date with…is now my husband, and I can’t get him to stop talking… Seriously!