Southern California. Fall Break. My little Brother.

This was the magical combination that #DanTheMan and I had last week. Like literally.

My brother lives in SoCal, and we had some time off, so #DanTheMan decided to use our miles to go visit my little brother! So we obviously went to the beach, In N Out and DISNEYLAND!

22482242316_7e84319f98_kThere is something about the magic with Disney. The way they do everything with excellence, and how they create the experience. Yes, people will say it costs moolahhh, but they do everything SO great.

21887562403_5c1e61502b_kFrom waiting in line, to having to evacuate Splash Mountain (YES! We had to evacuate it, it was so SAD), the way they treated us, showed us around, and made the experience just magical! I got to see Cars Land, and it was just like the movies!

There was more to that equation really. It was #DanTheMan’s first time every to Disney. He always tried to tell me we can go when we have kids, but let’s be honest, I am a kid at heart and I just needed to go! It ended up being a WIN WIN WIN.

22522698321_9f0c9d710f_b There is something about being with family that just makes the time sweeter. I love my little brother and glad I got to spend some time with him and his #megabeard. (haha!)