DIY Project – Chalk Paint

So.. I think I might have the patience of a two year old. Especially when it comes to DIY projects. Most of the time there are too many steps, too many complications and definitely one too many ways to mess it all up.

I definitely think pinterest has helped, but also made it worse! Some of my favorite laughs come from #pinterestfail (Check out this one! )

I wanted to refinish some of our incredible furniture that my husband and I inherited. The quality of the furniture is unbeatable, but looks a little outdated. So, I decided to try this whole “DIY” thing out… I did some serious searching on the google to check & double check the process of doing “Chalk Paint.” There is the name brand stuff, and then there is the DIY. So, sticking with the theme, I went all DIY. Then through some more google searching, I found some replacement pulls and knobs! Win, Win, and the last win was a 10% Lowes coupon from USPS for changing my address.. Yes please!


Knowing my attention span is small, I was hoping this would be a project I could start (no prep work) and finish (wax on and wax off baby!) well, and you can judge for yourself, but I think it turned out well!

DIY Chalk Paint Furniture

The recipe I used was:
2 tbs of unsanded grout (white)
1 cup of latex paint (white, matte, ceiling paint)

  1. Take the measured unsanded grout, and add enough water to make it a smooth mixture, but not a lot! Start with less, and add more as needed!
  2. Then add the paint. I eyeballed this amount, It seemed to work out.
  3. Stir the grout mixture and the paint until it is all mixed up evenly.
  4. Paint!

It took about three coats, and it looked awesome! I then sanded some of the edges to give it a distressed look, I decided on a extra fine sanding, so that there wouldn’t be anything too crazy!

DIY Chalk Paint Furniture 2

After the sanding, I put a wax cover on it, using the SC Johnson Wax. One thing with this… is phewwww, it STINKS! My eyes and nostrils were burning for a while. Apparently there is less stinky ones, but that means more prep time, and patience, and like I said earlier, the attention span didn’t want to wait that long!


I let the wax dry and sit overnight, and buffed it in the morning. My word! I think it turned out well, ands I am quite pleased with the final product!

I am no expert by any means on chalk paint, but if you have any questions, I can answer from my experience, or point you in the best direction!

xoxo, Jenilee

*Yes, because of my lack of patience, I wanted to share this project this week and not next, so there are missing cabinet pulls, because I had to return the ones I ordered, because they didn’t match. So I might post an update with everything assembled. But because I just couldn’t wait, here it is… without the pulls. 🙂

  • Nicole

    Love it!!! I’ve had my chalk paint supplies sitting here for way too long. You’ve inspired me to get going on this! Great job! 🙂

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Yay!!! Nicole- it was SOOO easy!! Do it!! 🙂

  • Juliet

    well done! When are you starting your furniture refurb business?

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Haha Juliet! If this “funemployment” keeps going, I might just start it! 🙂

  • Lora

    Ok, I’ve never looked at pinterest fails before. That was a laugh!! Great job on the cabinet!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Haha thanks Lora! 😉 I’m just glad this doesn’t fall in that category!!! Whew! Haha

  • Nicole

    Jenilee! Just had to let you know that I FINALLY used my chalk paint and painted an old dresser this weekend. I still need to distress and add wax, but your blog pushed me to get started! 🙂 Thanks! XO