Do It Afraid – Guest Post

Maegan Hawley is a dear friend. We lived on the same floor in college and lived in DC together She has taken some really scary and exciting risks, and I asked if I could share something she wrote right after she made that jump! She started Ethic Goods and is changing the world, one beautiful thing at a time. Ethic is committed to designing and purchasing beautiful items that create jobs among women who need them. By partnering with organizations already doing amazing work in their communities, together we can introduce these gifted artisans into the global marketplace and provide sustainable, dignified work.

She should be on the top of your lists of coolest people to meet. She has generously allowed us to do a giveaway with one of the artisan items! See below for all the details!

For more information check out their site at

Ethic Goods

“Do it afraid.”

That’s what my friend, Lora said when I told her, earlier this year, that I was stepping down from my full-time position at our church (NCC) to focus on Ethic (a company committed to designing and purchasing artisan accessories and jewelry that create jobs among women who need them). Lora’s words have been my motto ever since.

Ethic didn’t come with instructions. But you know, while it would be nice to replace the “unknowns” with a well-carved path, I think it would short-circuit the process. The process is where the adventure is, where courage is required, and where we get to become that person God had in mind when He created us. How we handle fear is crucial to our growth. Here are some of my fears in this new season:

Classic FOMO (Fear of missing out)- I’m missing out on life with NCC staff.

FOF (Fear of failure)- What if Ethic flops?

FOD (Fear of loss of direction)- How in the world do I do this?

FOL (Fear of loneliness)- I can’t connect with others until I have something to show.

FOJ (Fear of Judgment)- What are other people saying about me and the business?

I’ve been thinking about Israel’s journey to the Promised Land. Israel didn’t posses the land the first time because of fear and unbelief, implying they didn’t think God could actually bring them in (Num. 13-14). Really?Not two years prior, these same people walked through the middle of the Red Sea. They drank water that came from a rock. The cloud and fire were always with them, and they ate manna every day…that tasted like cake (Num. 11:8). CAKE!!

The Israelites knew the power of God. I think they questioned, “Will God continue to work through us?”

Isn’t that the biggie behind our fears, too?

Do we know what scripture gives us authority for? We are “in Christ.” That means all the promises and inheritance of Christ are ours. Every single one of them! Christ did not shed his blood so we could stumble around in fear and self-doubt, never living in freedom and shying away from the assignments He gives us. Self-image is the mental picture you have of yourself. Identity is, in fact, who you are.

Bravery is doing things how God would do them, regardless of how they turn out. For me, that means combatting fear with truth daily, prioritizing obedience and trusting the Lord with results. Plus, embracing a willingness to be vulnerable in front of other people… even when it is scary. The second we start to ask, “Did God really call me…? Did God really promise…? Am I really the one to do this?” YES HE DID AND YES YOU ARE. That is how we enter into battle.



Who doesn’t love a good giveaway and a new necklace? We are giving away the ombre arrow necklace that was crafted by sweet ladies in Ethiopia with repurposed bullet casings! (See photo below)

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[Photos taken from Ethic’s website]

  • Shamin

    I had to do it afraid when I saw a girl getting no bullied on social media when I was in high school by “Mr. Popular!” To this day it is probably one of my proudest moments!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Thanks for sharing Shamin! Bullying is no joke!

    • Maegan

      These are the moments that define us! There are few regrets on the other side of bravery. Good for you, Shamin!

  • Marcie

    I had to “do it afraid” when God led me to change jobs. Not one but TWICE! Each time with a purpose but each time I stepped out shaking and did it afraid full of trust ahead.

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Marcie! That is the truth! Thanks for sharing sweet lady!

    • Maegan

      Way to grow with each challenge, Marcie!

  • Michelle

    Now. I’m getting ready to make a huge change, there are so many unknowns. Will I be successful? Will I be glad I did it? What happens after a huge risk? Instead of drowning in the logistics or becoming paralyzed by all the speculation of future implications, I have (have) to remember all that God says, He means. Thank you, Maegan for reminding me that YES HE DID call me and YES I AM able.

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Michelle – seriously love this. Thanks for sharing! Him through you, He is able! Love!!

    • Maegan

      We need to start a hashtag #YoullBeGladYouDid to celebrate overcoming moments (and seasons) of fear! This is awesome, Michelle! You’ll never miss out on the adventure 🙂

  • Sarah

    I am doing it afraid NOW! I’m scared to quit my job to be a stay at home mom because of the financial security I feel with two incomes. I know staying at home with my kids is what I need to do right now, but I’m afraid! I don’t know what our lives will look like on one income, or what sacrifices we might have to make, but we are trusting Him!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Love you Sarah! and love the risks you are taking! xoxo!

    • Maegan


  • Paual

    I am ‘doingitafraid’ with my hubby and kids as we contemplate a move to the other side of DC. So many unknowns but in the process watching God work his amazing ways.

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Love this Paula! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Maegan

      Such a tough decision! But the process is so good 🙂 Love this, Paula!

  • Bethany

    Quitting a job I loved to move back to the DC area was definitely a “Do it afraid” moment for me. It was a huge risk that took a lot of trust in God about finances and the direction of my life, but God again showed me that He has a plan that is way better than my own!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Love this!! And you met your hubby in that year!! 🙂

      • Maegan

        That is awesome!!

  • Caitlin

    Thanks for sharing this. I keep thinking about starting my own blog/company, and it is always encouraging to hear these types of stories!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Yesss! Taking the bigger risks often give a great reward! Thanks for sharing Caitlin!

    • Maegan

      Exciting, Caitlin! Keep us posted 🙂

  • Jenny

    I “Did it Afraid” when I followed my husband of ten days to Little Rock, AR for him to start a new job. I was leaving my family, community, and entire life back home in Virginia and was incredibly nervous about the transition. Steve and I prayed about the move before he accepted the job offer in Little Rock and truly felt that God was propelling us to be there. I truly feel that the three years in Little Rock were such a gift from God- we were able to establish ourselves as a married couple, had an amazing church community to support us, and were both surrounded by Godly men and women at work to look to as mentors.

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Love this Jenny! Sometimes the biggest risks give the biggest reward! Love it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Maegan

      It’s it funny how the things we cherish the most are things we didn’t anticipate? Thank you for your example, Jenny!

  • Bernita

    Loved this post, thank you for the encouragement! I get to “do it afraid” each time I enter my grad classes at seminary. I still can’t believe I am here but trusting that the Lord knows what’s up! 🙂

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Love this Bernita! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany

    Love Maegan and Jenilee and Ethic Goods and District of Joy! (Miss you both, by the way!)
    I actually had a moment not too unlike Maegan’s call to “Do it afraid.” Sure, I casually mention my time in Swaziland on occasion, but I rarely get to share how it came to be that I dropped out of college and jumped on a plane to an unfamiliar country at 18. Freshman year was a struggle and I found myself feeling alone and completely out of place that summer back home. I was miserable and dreading going back to school. Through a series of joking around with family turned serious, I was suddenly faced with the question… Can I really quit college, move to southern Africa to work with AIDS orphans and not know anyone there or know what was next? I felt the quiet yet somehow also roaring whisper, “Do it, I dare you.” I never looked back. It changed my trajectory and left a deep imprint on my heart for the marginalized and broken. Life hasn’t been easy, the issues of loneliness didn’t disappear, but I’m committed to keep doing things afraid because life is short and God is faithful even in the midst of our junk and chaos.

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Tiffany – miss you too girl! Love this!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Katie

    Love it! “The process is where the adventure is, where courage is required, and where we get to become that person God had in mind when He created us.” SO TRUE! I had my “Do It Afraid” moment when I became a mom last year! Kiddos don’t come with an instruction manuals or cheat sheets. Everyday I face a new unknown and I feel like I am being shaped into that person God had in mind.

  • Gabby

    I had to “do it afraid” my junior year in college. I was transitioning out of one of the hardest seasons in my walk with Christ. Community got messy and I felt hurt and rejected by others so much so I became accustomed to internalizing things and putting up walls to keep myself safe. Long story short in that dark season I wrote a song and it ended up being on my school’s annual record. The night of the album release I performed the song but was also able to share the story behind it. It is only by Gods grace and His divine handy work that I was able to do it afraid!

  • Abby Johnston

    Starting med school– I had no clue what I was getting myself into and still don’t quite know what is in store for me!