Fall makeup looks

It’s no secret fall is upon us! Besides the wardrobe swap, my favorite thing to  do is change up my makeup to make it more fall appropriate! Here are some of the makeup looks to swap out for the fall!

1. Now more than ever- bring on the bold lips! The darker, the better in my opinion


2. White eyeliner on top of black eyeliner makes for a subtle, fun change now that the weather is getting colder and I don’t have to worry about makeup sweating off in the heat!


3. Now is the time to go big on the blush! To go for a flushed look rather than looking like you’re running a fever- focus the blush toward your hairline, on you cheekbone!


4. It’s finally time for bold eyes again! This is my favorite I’ve seen so far! 9c8c921cf624ebb6fd400abb0e1060a3

Happy Monday! Let us know what you’re excited about for fall in the comments!