Flying Adventures

#DantheMan and I hopped on a plane yesterday up to DC for the weekend. It literally felt like a hop from Durham.

Side Note: Does it ever cross your mind how incredible flying in a plane is? What would take just over four hours (plus traffic) to drive up to DC from Durham, is now a short flight. Forty-five minute flight, maybe fifty if there is some sort of delay. It really is just wonderful and so fast, and you get to avoid the dreadful 95!
Because our flights were purchased by someone other than us (Thanks Sell Weekends!) we were separated on our flight. No big deal. It’s a short flight

Until you realize you are at the back of the plane, aisle seat, directly across from the lavatory.

How do you prepare for a flight like that? I tried to make sure I had accessible clothing on the arms to cover my nose if necessary.

Someone came to the bathroom before the flight even took off. Was this a sign of the flight to come?


No one else came to use the lavatory, much to my delight.

Thanks American Flight 4046, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be!

My delight for that was not as great as walking out to Washington, DC.

Gosh, I miss this city so much.