Friends that Visit!

While #Dantheman and I have been down here in Durham, NC we have had the incredible honor of having sweet friends and family come and visit.

I remember when one of our friends came down that first month we were in Durham, and I went into “tour guide mode” trying to tell her all about what I had learned in the short amount of time that we were down here.

I have this life goal of being a tour guide in DC, and one day this will happen. I even have a study guide. This is serious people.

So in my move down here, I think I have taken on the mantle of being a “Durham Tour Guide” just so I can keep my tour guiding skills fresh.

One of our friends from Washington, DC came down just to visit, so obviously we took her around, and I took her to all the sights and gave her all the fun Durham facts that I know. (They are limited, but good ones none-the-less!)

We got to take her around Durham, show her some of the finest things the “Dirty D” has to offer and we got to catch up, exchange stories! Then I told her I needed her help, and that came in the form of me taking photos of her, and we did!

Then we finished it all off with a stop to Monuts Donuts, because well, that is what a good tour guide would do! #yummy

DSC_0151 DSC_0134 DSC_0061