When you add the three pillars of life, you get an amazing combination. I try to have all three of those things in my life at all times. All times.

So, when there is an opportunity to maximize those three things, you better believe I will jump on that!

Now, here is something that I know about myself. I love people. And if I could include everyone to my house, I would. I know this about myself, and my philosophy is “the more the merrier!”

I know I have limitations, quite a few, but I especially have limitations when it comes to our living space (aka our house). We have a 900 square feet home here in Durham, and the physical limitations to hosting any size group over ten is insane!

But, there have been so many incredible people that we have met through Duke’s business school! So when the invite list got created, I couldn’t make it smaller. Like literally, I physically could not.

So, we extended the invitation to a list greater than ten people.

And it was WONDERFUL! We squeezed TWENTY-EIGHT people into our home! The couch was moved into a spare bedroom, we borrowed two 6′ tables and folding chairs galore, and it was such a great night with friends, food and fun!

#DantheMan and I cooked the turkey, and we did it on a grill! We definitely ran out of propane in the middle of the 3-1/2 hour cooking process, but with an oven and a trip to the store and back we were back in business! I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out, but one hour and forty five minutes later, it all worked out!

Then the night was over, house was empty again, and it was SO worth it! I think we could’ve fit maybe 5-10 more people…

Have you ever done a Friendsgiving? What is your go-to dish to that you bring to something like that?

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  • Michal Raviv

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! it was amazing to be a part of this, and we are so grateful to have you as friend