Friendships are Precious!

 Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold…

This song has been playing on repeat in my head these last few weeks. Especially as I feel like I am literally walking through the song daily as I am making new friends, but also keeping the old while here in North Carolina.


I am grateful for technology, especially as I have hopped from one coast to the other, being able to not only send letters, make phone calls, but to facetime and to use the technology available to us! What a gift to have this technology available to us!

As I continue to make new friends, I am giving myself the same pep talk that I have given to others before. In order to find good friends, a lot of times you have to be a good friend. Often we get caught up in what people can or will do for us, that we forget that we need to make sure we are being a good friend to those around us.


In the last couple weeks, its been really cool to keep in touch with friends back home, whether it was text messages, snail mail, phone calls, facetime calls, and personal visits. All have been really great and it has me really thankful for the friends that I have, but I know I need to make new friends!


Making friends isn’t easy, because it takes time, it means we have to be a little vulnerable in who we are, but in the end, it is worth it!

Friendship brings such joy to our lives, and laughter too!

So, as I continue to make new friends, and take the time to be a friend to those around me, and love in a way that I would want someone to love me, I am reflecting on how grateful I am for the incredible friendships that I have from various stages in life. I am excited to meet new friends, and I am excited to continue the friendships I have had.


Go, and be a friend to someone today. Tell someone what they mean to you whether its through a text, a phone call, facetime or even a snail mail letter!

Because it is true, one is silver and the other gold, both equally as precious.




  • Nancy Anderson

    Haven’t thought about this song in over 30 years. We sang it in Campfire Girls when I was a kid. Such great memories! Thanks for reminding me 🙂 I’m loving the blog….keep it up girl!

    • Jenilee Hurley

      Thanks Nancy! 🙂