I went to our local “home” store to purchase paint, among some other things, and then it happened.

Gold Spray Paint.

I purchased it, because I had one lamp that I bought at a thrift shop that I wanted to have as gold! So easy solution: spray paint. Obviously.

Lamp: painted and looks solid!

Here is where trouble happens. I mean, I have gold spray paint, and I should use it and not let it go to waste!

I was telling my sweet Mom in law that I have now this urge to spray paint EVERYTHING GOLD! Like no joke. And lately anything and everything gold has been catching my eye and I have just been obsessing over gold. Its just wonderful. Like this hedgehog ring (come onnn!).

So instead of trying to paint everything gold, I have put together some of my current “wish list” of gold items AND you can check out my newest Pinterest board and join me on this ridiculously fun adventure of GOLD!

xoxo, Jenilee