Gratitude Is An Attitude We Choose!

I cannot believe it is November already!! Where has this year gone?

Just last week, I discovered a journal entry that was out of place from March, and it listed the pros and cons of different graduate schools that Dan and I were considering. That feels like yesterday. I can recall the day that we did that.

Wow. I will stop though, at the risk of sounding old and sentimental…


I love November, and I love the holidays because of the fun traditions and activities it brings. And, well, the Christmas music is just delightful!

Yes, I know we are still in November. Back to the topic at hand!

Gratitude. With Thanksgiving around the corner, and really, just the decision that Dan and I made, realizing we had our noses to the ground and were focusing on things that were stressing us out, and really not realizing the blessings that we have ALL around us! So, we decided (okay, okay, I decided, and Dan is joining in…) are doing something different and fun this year, for the month of November!


So, following something we are doing with our kids at our church, we have our very own “Hurley Thankful Tree”! Well, its more of a branch on our wall, but a thankful branch regardless! I am excited because Dan and I have made the intentional choice to choose gratitude, because we truly have SO much to be thankful for. And something happens when you write them down, because you begin to see ALL the blessings that you have around you! We are only a few days into November, and it is just cool to think about and to be intentional to find things to be thankful for.


And the reality is this, when we focus on being grateful, we tend to be more joyful, and have a positive outlook on life. Its when we focus on the blessings not the stresses.

Gratitude is a choice, just like Joy is. Choose today to focus on the blessings, on the daily gifts that you have.


What ways will you choose to find things to be thankful for? I challenge you to find a way to write it down, document it, so that you can look back and see ALL the things that you have to be thankful for!

Choose Gratitude. Be Grateful.





^My handsome husband, Dan, signing “Thank You” in front of our Thankful Branch! He’s practicing his ASL, so proud! 🙂

  • Heather LeKeyes

    Love this! This is inspirational, just like you! I have been stressed lately and this puts everything in perspective. Life is so busy and we need to stop & think of all our blessings because there are so many! Thank you for this! Miss you dear friend!