Happy Halloween!

Do you get dressed up for Halloween? There is something about dressing up that is so fun! I am not a big spooky person, but I love seeing people’s creativity come out.

Truth be told, it’s the time of year that #DanTheMan and I have our disagreements. He absolutely hates dressing up. The first halloween that we spent together was our 4th date, and he came dressed up as a “business professional”.

Bless his heart. I really can’t say that I didn’t know what I was getting into.

But every year, I try to get him to dress up, and he obliges. He really is the best! It sometimes takes a little negotiating on my part to get him to dress up, but he does it!

This year, he is on a golf trip with some of his buddies, and I razzed him saying he was trying to get out of dressing up. haha! I give my poor husband such a hard time. But gosh, I love him!

Anyways, do you dress up? Here are some of my favorite costumes on Pinterest!

Top photo credit: @GreigeBoutique.