How to conquer your week!

Happy Monday! I decided to write another post dedicated to Jenilee’s previous post about seizing the day, because trying to stay positive during the long weeks might be¬†difficult, but making a lifestyle change to stay positive can not only be impacting to you, but to everyone around you!

So, the key to staying positive? Here is what I’ve found helps me stay positive…

1. Sleep. I have recently discovered the miracle of sleep… I didn’t realize that I couldn’t just “catch up” on sleep during the weekends and not get adequate hours during the week. Making a sleeping habit and sticking to a routine will change your life, mark my words. Instantly, I became happier and nicer, especially during the mornings!

2. Keep a journal and everyday write down one thing you were grateful for that day, it could be a person, a conversation, a material thing, whatever it is write it down and you will find that you’ll be on the look out for things to be grateful for.

3. Prioritize your family and friends. Relationships are what keep us going, don’t forget to tell those who you’re close to that you’re thankful for them!


4. Seize the each and every day.

Have a good start to your week! And let us know what keeps you positive during the long weeks!