How to make your makeup last all day

I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy when my makeup doesn’t last through out the whole day! I’ve accumulated some tricks to help it stay all day long!

1. Use a primer! It may seem like a pointless step, but with the right primer, your makeup will not only last longer, but it make the finish of your foundation look flawless! Here is the primer I use…


2. Let your foundation dry before putting any other products on!

3. Set your foundation! Whether it’s a translucent powder or just a regular powder, setting your foundation will keep it in place.

4. To keep blush in place, use a creme blush before you powder, and then use a powder blush on top and it will stay in place all day (just don’t add too much of either)!

5. Try a setting spray! This setting spray has changed my life, I can’t go without it, it works wonders!


6. Use an eyelid primer, and creme eyeshadows to prevent your eyeliner from moving and your shadow creasing!

7. Use blotting sheets throughout the day. This helps keep oil away and keeps your skin matte all day long.


Have a good weekend!