“I love a card. I collect them”

Letters seem to be a lost art. The idea of someone writing just because seems to be rare these days. I’m here to encourage everyone to write a letter sometime this week to someone you care about, whether that’s a brother, friend, parent ect..

I have kept every letter or birthday card written to me since I was little because the thought itself is so significant to me, as I am sure it is to you as well. So here are some ideas of cards to write..

1. Make it fun! some of my favorite letters have come from my brother, Parker, because he writes them on a type writer, talk about a lost art! If you don’t own a typewriter, as I’m sure 99 percent of you don’t- make your own card! Or try number 1 from this blog post…

2. Make it a tradition! I don’t think that anyone has written more letters to me then Jenilee. They have included asking to be in her wedding, birthday cards, letters in journals she has given me and any other opportunity she has. Looking back at her letters from when we met until now is something near and dear to my heart because it is like a timeline of our friendship.

3. Make it original- Letters don’t have to necessarily be in the form of a card! Try gifting someone a journal and writing a note to them on the first page- then they’ll never loose it! Or try writing down your favorite memories with someone!IMG_3001

3. Make it a habit. It’s unbelievable how special you will make someone feel just by sending a thank you card. My parents made sure this was a habit I made growing up. It’s something that people appreciate more then you know, and see that you’re making an effort to be intentional about your individual relationship.

Happy Friday!