I Would Rather….

“I would rather walk with friends in the dark than alone in the light.”
– Helen Keller

I got this beautifully framed quote from my dear friend Alexa for Christmas one year. It was a quote that I liked, but for some reason it wasn’t until yesterday that it really struck me in a meaningful way.

Up until yesterday, I knew I valued friends, and friendship and the joy that community brings, I mean I would rather go to the grocery store with a friend than by myself. Going to the DMV was super drab, but to bring (uhhhh, probably more like drag…) friends to spice it up was my modus operandi. I would rather have people with me when I do the most obscure stuff, because I value friends and community. I mean, that is why Dan and I chose the MBA program we did, because they value community. Basically, friends are high on our values list!

Last night during dinner, I looked up at our wall, and saw this photo frame, it was like I was seeing it for the first time.

You see, I would rather be with friends all the time, so this quote was just a neat quote, but what hit me was this: I would much rather go through confusion, heartache, and discouragement with friends than by myself and none of the bad stuff.

The reality for me, is that the situations stink, but the friendships are what make the situations survivable. I absolutely hate being alone, and I would rather have friends in the dark than be alone in the light.

Through the craziness of moving to Durham, selling our house, grieving the loss of my grandfather, and recently my father in law, I have discovered that Helen Keller was correct and spot on. It has been an incredible gift to have people who have sent cards, texts, and given consistently in this season. They have been pockets of cheer and joy for me. It has been a life-giving gift knowing that I have incredible friends who are looking out for and willing to walk in the dark with me.

So cheers to the friends who I get to walk alongside life in. Whether it was for a season in school, random encounters here or there, from where we lived, or however you have joined us on this adventure, I am grateful that I have you on this journey of life.

Xoxo, Jenilee