In The Beginning

In the beginning…

I was reading in the Bible, the book of John, and the first three words of that chapter are “In the Beginning.”

Those three words have such meaning.

From the start…
When it all started…
Way back when…

It gives the impression that you were there, and have the ability to look back and reflect on where it all started.

Dan and I have been talking lately about being there “in the beginning” of certain companies. He was telling me about a speaker who had a friend in business school who asked him to drop out and “start this tech firm” with him and a friend. That tech firm ended up being Microsoft! Could you imagine if he had gone, he would be able to say, “In the beginning…” I quit school and was one of Microsoft’s first employees. Some other people Dan was telling me about was someone who was a huge online news site’s 6th employee.

In the beginning.

It got me thinking to how many people are right now “in the beginning” of their story or relationship? Or their company? Or their start-up?

Dan and I have a beginning that seems comical, and very well may be a miracle that we went on a second and third date, let alone get married!

But we have been talking after school, or with the people we meet, what will be able to say about _____________ and when we had met them, “in the beginning.”

What was overcome? What were the obstacles? What were the victories? What seems so trivial now that the beginning has passed?

Remember that each one of us is living a story, and often times we get caught up in trying to speed read to the finish, we don’t get to appreciate the reflection of the beginnings and what that was like.

Also, we get caught up in comparing our stories to other stories.

Not worth it!!! Trust me.

Wherever you are in your story, keep taking it one step at a time and don’t forget to pause and reflect on your “in the beginning”!