Its Been Three Months!

Its funny how things begin.

Have you ever thought back to a decision you made? When you think about the genesis of that decision, what sparked it? What was the catalyst for that decision, or that change?

A lot of people have a lot of ideas, but there aren’t enough ideas that spark the start of something new, or spark change. Because exactly that, it requires change.

Whether big or small.


Sometime this summer, Summer and I were talking and dreaming and I don’t know that I can exactly recall the exact conversation or what led up to the conversation, but I know that we talked about doing a blog, and how fun that would be.

Summer and I have talked about a lot of things that we would like to do and experience, and some things we do, and sometimes some things just disappear into oblivion.

I am not sure what caused the point of action on this conversation about the blog, but there was a decision made, and we took steps forward.

A lot of times those fleeting thoughts could be things that change the trajectory of your life, or change the quality of your life, but we don’t do anything with those ideas or thoughts.

Because those thoughts require some sort of change or effort.


I remember a follow up conversation that Summer and I had (by the pool, it was the summer of course!), trying to brainstorm names for the blog. We had some clever ones, and we wanted to incorporate JOY, being that our names and lives have joy. There were some good ones… But District of Joy won out.

Then throw a move into Durham into the mix, and it makes things more complicated and harder to accomplish, but its all about the courage to make the effort, to keep at it.

We always see the fun and exciting stories and think they had it easy from the beginning, but it all started with an idea, followed by a decision to make that idea a reality.

Its been three months of actual blogging with Summer on the District of Joy, but it has been a lot more months in the making, and what an adventure it has been!

From the hours of face-timing, coffee dates, thousands of text messages reminding each other to blog, and doing awkward photo shoots in random DC alleys (Thanks Maegan!!), each step has had required movement and accountability. But gosh, its been fun!

Who knows where Summer and I would have been had we not taken the steps to do this blog, but I do know I am glad I don’t know!

Take an idea you have and take steps to do something about it. Who knows if it is something that will be amazingly successful, or just something that brings you joy. Either way, you will be better for it, I am pretty sure of it!


Now that we have been blogging for three months, what has been your favorite part of the District of Joy? What do you want to see more of? Let us know!

Jenilee Joy

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