Life’s A Journey

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So I am a dreamer compared to my husband. Each and every month, there is a new idea, a new plan, and a new house of where I would like to live someday…. I mean, a house on every Coast in the US, and major cities is totally normal right? #DantheMan is a little hesitant about those dreams. I like to just throw things out there! Maybe one day it’ll stick.

DSC_0739The future seems like an ominous place, and sometimes its easier just to be in the moment and not worry about what is happening in the future. But sometimes when that happens, you make decisions that aren’t intentional or on purpose and you end up somewhere opposite of where you intended! In book club this week, we talked about creating and figuring out what your life goals/purpose is. I think that Dan and I have been pretty purposeful in our marriage, what we value and we have a pretty good idea of our values, and where we want our life to end up, we don’t have specific goals or specific pictures of what that looks like yet, but we know who we are, and what we value and believe.

While goals, dreams, and purposes are all good, but I have been reminded lately that your character, your life is shaped in the journey towards those goals.

Your goals keep you focused on where you want to end up, but it’s the journey that shapes you.

I used to want to get from point A to point B with the least pain possible, but I am realizing that it is in the brokenness, the frustration, the unexpected comes great joy, and comes the great comeback stories!

Last week was a doozy for me personally. I am right smack dab in the middle of the broken and frustrated part, and I quite honestly don’t want to be the comeback kid. I am done with life being hard.DSC_0734

But that dear friend reminded me that it’s been in the darkest times that God has shown up and brought redemption to each situation, and He will do the same this time around.

It’s hard to have hope. It is hard to continue to live life on purpose when the mud is being slung at you over and over again. It is in those moments where I put priority to my faith in who Jesus is, and then make the conscious decision to choose joy, choose hope, and also choose to do life with friends who remind you who you are, and where you want to go.

Because let’s be honest, having friends to remind you about who you are, then laugh with you and at you.DSC_0735

Jenilee Joy

  • Linda Mendible (@LindaMendible)

    Love this! ♥ Ain’t nothing wrong with being a dreamer Love!