Nail Polish – The Struggle.

I really love my nails being painted. But I had resigned myself to the idea that I would never be able to wear nail polish because for some reason, my nail polish would chip two hours after the manicure. Whether professionally or at home.

Then several years back shellac nails were introduced, and I tried it, and I was floored! Manicures lasted longer than two hours. They lasted two weeks! This was a MIRACLE!

But lets be honest, getting a manicure every other week was getting to be a little spendy, and I think my nails took a beating. What was I to do?

A friend of mine had bought the light to do the gel nails at home, and boy oh boy that was wonderful! I got my own light set, and it was great until I had to do my own manicure… Ugh. 

Then I posted this blog, and I had purchased just off hand to *try* one more nail polish one more time.

And IT WORKED! Seriously. This nail polish is no joke. Revlon’s Colorstay Gel Envy is basically magic on my finger nails. So much so, that I am currently stalking my local “supply” store (read: the local grocery store) for new colors! I totally can buy them online, but sometimes it just feels nice buying them alongside my produce, and grocery items.

It takes two bottles, the color, and then the “Diamond Top Coat” which I am sure is what seals in the *magic*!!! It literally is diamonds. How perfect!

I just wanted to share my little nail polish struggle and now the WIN! But don’t worry, I will still get manicures, and I still have the gel nail polish, but this Color Stay stuff… #winning!

Jenilee Joy

You can order what it takes below! Seriously. So great.