New Friends & Duke Gardens

It was day 13 in Durham.

We moved to from Washington, DC to allow my husband to pursue his MBA at Duke’s School of Business (Go Blue Devils!), which meant a whole new world, new climate, and let’s be honest the most important, new friends!! (eek!)

For the most part, I am outgoing, but there is a small part of me that is shy, and the shy part of me came out big time when we first moved to Durham. I honestly think it was all the newness of everything, and I mean everything!

On that thirteenth day in Durham, I walked into an “Kick-off Orientation Party” for the spouses and significant others of Fuqua Students. The room was abuzz with so many people, and not knowing where to start, I eyed the pizza. I mean who doesn’t go straight for the food? No? Just me.. Whoops! haha!

In my bee line to the pizza line, I somehow sparked a conversation with a spunky blonde haired gal and her name was Caitlin! She was my first friend that I met in Durham, and she is the first feature of my photography on the blog, how fitting!


Full of life, FUN, and Encouraging. Those are just some of the words that I would use to describe Caitlin. I could go on and on, but she has been a dear friend. We went through the job search together, we kept each other accountable, we went on secret missions… I mean, having someone that makes me laugh as hard as she does is just the best! 

I somehow convinced her to get up super early and to let me practice taking some photos of her in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens here in Durham. We went out and I broke out my Nikon DSLR and we snapped some photos. Like in the sun-just-rose-its-actually-fall-and-cold-in-the-mornings early morning and she is wearing a dress! She is a trooper!

Finding friends in a new place is hard, but when you find someone who will get up early and do crazy things for your blog is just the kindest thing ever!

Thanks Caitlin for taking a morning and going along with my crazy hair-brained ideas!




Dress |SHOES: Steve Madden Women’s