Prancing Around the North Carolina State Fair

Growing up in Washington State, we had a rich heritage of fairs, state fairs and so much goodness around us, so when I moved to DC, it was something that wasn’t prevalent as far as I knew at that point! There were a lot of festivals, but definitely nothing on the scale of the Evergreen State Fair, or the Puyallup Fair. Both solid fairs in my book.

When we moved to Durham, the North Carolina State Fair was one of the first things we heard about, and you bet your bottom dollar I made sure we went! Dan had never been to a fair of this magnitude, and by that I mean, the amount of food vendors, specifically FRIED food!  One of my favorites at the NC State Fair is the pig races! There is something about those pigs that just crack me up! Dan had been talking since last year about the TURKEY LEGS, and he was the happiest person ever when he got it! I mean look at him!  We went this last weekend, and I am pretty sure the whole state of North Carolina was there too! It was PACKED, and just a delight! If you are local in North Carolina, you have to go! It lasts through this next weekend!

I love how the fairs display what is unique about the state and or area! It is really just a fun outing!

Did you ever go to fairs or do you still? What do you love about them?

xoxo, Jenilee Joy