Purse must-haves

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I need my whole life in my bag “just in case of an emergency” but the question is- what do I actually need? This blog will help solve you problems!

The first key to always being prepared and staying organized is to have smaller bags, inside your bag (sounds ridiculous, I know, but its more useful then you would think).

Bag 1 should contain small things like earphones, blotting sheets, a tampon, ibuprofen, chapstick, hand lotion, an extra hair tie or bobby pins, gum, a sample of perfume and emergency money. It sounds like a lot, but with travel sizes everything fits into an extremely small pouch and saves the bottom of your purse from getting cluttered. I just named the things I keep in my pouch and its perfect to just throw into whatever purse you’re using, or even just your car for emergencies!


This is the pouch I use, and I love it!

Bag 2¬†should be a makeup bag containing any essential touch up makeup products. In this bag you really only need, depending on your skin type, lip products and powder, but I also like to bring a travel¬†sized makeup setting spray if I know I’ll need to freshen up.


Besides these pouches, you just need the obvious necessities. Always remember your wallet, phone, sunglasses (and sunglasses case) along with a charger and you’re good to go! We hope this was helpful for those of you always forgetting that one thing you wish you had remembered in your purse!

Have a good weekend!