Random Ramblings

There is so much flying through my head at lightning speeds these days! With Halloween out, schedules seeming to fill up, Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching at a rapid rate, all the while regular life moves on and doesn’t seem to take a breath to breathe, like I think it should. ha!


So, just to go along with my pace of life, I figured a blog that had all my thoughts going on, could give you either some peace knowing we are all crazy, or you could just think I am crazy. Either way, I am okay with it. 🙂

I borrowed a friend’s juicer, and tried it. Man, its pretty good stuff. But what I am reading, you have to be kinda careful doing it. Not too much fruit cause it might spike your blood sugars, but the nutrients don’t have to be broken down from the fiber and go directly into your system, so that’s good. I might keep trying it. Well, I want to work on trying to eat healthy, and go to the gym, but the gym part is a struggle. Let’s be honest, eating healthy with all the FUN FALL TREATS. Maybe the new year…

Starbucks: One of the things I put on my “Hurley Thankful Tree” was Starbucks Red Cups… What I didn’t put was how angry I was that they didn’t have Eggnog Lattes… They thought they could discontinue it everywhere but the Pacific Northwest. Umm. No. Thanks to my one twitter outburst to them, and obviously others, they are bringing it back! Redemption to the Red Cup is coming on November 17th!! So excited! #eggnoglatte

Pallets: I tried to go on a pallet adventure. Like the ones where you get free pallets and you make an amazing piece of art, or table, or something incredible. Well, I couldn’t get past finding the pile of pallets, because I have a 2 door Honda Civic. In case you were wondering, Pallets don’t fit in 2 door Honda Civics. In fact, I don’t know that they would fit in any Honda Civic for that matter.  I got three planks from the pallets. So, I could that as a semi-success… Kinda.

Taylor Swift:
Love her or hate her, I am currently loving her new CD. Yeah. I went there. Sooooo good. I realized this week that I have all of her CD’s. I normally buy one song of the CD here and there of other artists. But apparently I am a hardcore Taylor fan. Every CD. Who am I? #ilovetaylorswiftapparently

Thanksgiving Decor:
I went with a friend to find some Thanksgiving decor for Thanksgiving this year, and there is none. Maybe its becoming the DIY holiday. If only the pallet adventure was more successful. Actually, maybe the DIY isn’t a good idea. I went hunting for pine cones one year, and made a huge mess of things. Dang you Pinterest. I am hoping for a better and more successful DIY Thanksgiving this year. Let’s hope the pallet adventure isn’t a forshadowing of it all. #itsALLaboutthefoodanyway

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.01.17 AM
: I have been debating on and off about overalls. Do I want them? Do I love them? I can’t decide y’all. Are they a yes or a big NO? Gosh, I remember them in middle school and high school. Not sure if its a good memory or not! But I think I still want them. What do you think?

Its coming!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Did you see the ABC family 25 days of Christmas? They stole my tradition idea that I tried to get Dan to go along with.. A Christmas movie every night in December leading up to Christmas… Yeah, I realize its a lot, but I mean there are a lot of goodies out there! #onedayitsgonnahappen

Alright, I think that helps put some of my thoughts down. Whew! Now I am going to write that I am thankful for all the above things, because maybe one day I will have overalls to wear while drinking my eggnog latte in a Starbucks Red Cup and jamming to some Tay Tay. Who knows. One day.

Whatchya Think? Am I crazy? What are some things going on in your mind?!?

xoxo, Jenilee



  • Melissa Kowalski

    Reading this makes me miss you. 🙂
    I’m not one to be on the edge of up and coming fashions… Ever, but overalls were super comfy. And Kinsey and I would be all over the 25 days of movies. Elf might have to be in there twice. Love ya Jen!