Saying Yes.

Being unemployed has its downsides and it has its benefits. One of them is the ability to say yes.

Yes to coffee at 10am on a Tuesday. Yes to substitute teaching on Wednesday. Yes to painting a piece of furniture in a spare bedroom. Yes to a trip to Greece, in two weeks.

You read that right, TWO weeks!

I have been given an opportunity to head to Greece with a team (from National Community Church) to help a couple organizations as they help the Syrian refugee crisis that is flooding Europe.

The borders are being flooded, and the organizations that we will go to provide support and encouragement to have been tasked with helping to facilitate the border crossings with efficiency, providing basic needs for the refugees, and providing smiles and encouragement as these refugees continue on their journey.

The typical refugee takes a very dangerous trip on a plastic boat from Turkey to Greece after paying a smuggler $1500. They are then bussed up to a border crossing where they are processed before making their way up north and eventually hoping to make it to a Western European country. It is considered one of the worst humanitarian crises since World War II.

Photo from World Vision

1 in 2 Syrian refugees coming through this path are children. The trip is extremely risky and has taken many lives of those children on their way to safety and hope.

The need is great, and I am just privileged to have been able to say YES.

If you are interested in being a part of our trip through giving so that we can purchase supplies, click here.

If you want to purchase things to send to us to bring, here is the amazon wishlist. We need them before November 30th!