Teachers are VALUABLE

In an effort to continue to be a financially contributing member to our family, I decided to step into substitute teaching here in Durham. I needed a job that was flexible, so that Dan and I could do what we needed to do, so substitute teaching seemed like a good fit!

I actually started out college as an Elementary Education major, but changed it to Political Science and History. I always wanted to be a teacher growing up, but then as a “know-it-all” college student, I figured Poli Sci was the way to go. Clearly. When I graduated I became one of the 29872349830928 people who don’t use their major when they graduate.

Oh well.

Back to substitute teaching! I got approved on Wednesday, and decided I should probably just dive in and try it, so I signed up to do a 6th grade Language Arts class. People thought I was crazy for jumping into that age group as the first time subbing. But I think I am an odd ball… Well, I know that I am, haha! But, it was such a BLAST! Outside of my feet hurting like crazy from standing all day, it was such an adventure!

On my first day, with one class, and only one subject, I was exhausted! And I had such a greater appreciation for teachers. I always knew they worked hard, but my goodness! Even the prep work to make sure I was set as a substitute!

So I have decided I am going to tell all my friends that are teachers that I appreciate them! I am sure you all know someone that teaches, and I would encourage you to send them a reminder that you are grateful for their hard work that they are doing! Seriously. Its typically those that are getting taught that don’t appreciate their teachers right then and there! And who doesn’t like being appreciated for what they are doing?!

Maybe find a teacher from a time past and letting them know you appreciate them! I have a sweet pen pal letter going with my third grade teacher. It is the best!

Let a teacher know today that you appreciate them!


Jenilee Joy

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