The Day I Got Engaged!


November 1st: Red Cups come out. It’s the day after Halloween. And in 2012, it’s the day I got engaged!

I met Dan on a blind date, and despite the questionable beginnings, we continued dating! Not just that, we told each other that we loved each other! He came to visit home with me, and guys… it got serious! Ha!

Dan and I had talked about marriage, and were in the middle of taking Financial Peace University and we knew we were going to get married. But Dan wanted to ask my parents in person. They lived in Everett, WA, and we lived on the opposite coast. And Dan hated flying.

We were planning on him coming home with me for Christmas, so I figured Dan would ask my parents at that time, and then he would propose! But that was me trying to plan everything out in October. (control freak?!)

Nothing was out of the ordinary that October. I had some friends visit from out of town, had a church retreat, and Dan went on a golf trip over a weekend, then it was Halloween! Sounded like a fun month!

What I didn’t know, is that Dan flew out to Seattle to have lunch with my parents in a whole new language, American Sign Language! Both my parents are Deaf, so Dan had been learning to be able to communicate with my family! He had the trip all under wraps, and pulled off the best caper ever.

November rolled around and November 1st up to that point signified red cups from Starbucks! It was tradition to get a red cup, so I ventured up to Union Station’s Starbcuks with some sweet friends at work, and was just thrilled because it brings on a new season of which I absolutely adore! Christmas was coming….

After work that day, I went on a “off the beaten path Memorials Tour” with Heather, Emily & Maegan. Emily didn’t want to go because it was cold, and it was going to be our “last walk before the weather gets super cold”. It was fun hanging out with my friends, and laughing and it was getting dark, but there was “one more memorial” to go to.

capitol before engagementYou see, one of my life goals is to become a Tour Guide of DC, so I absolutely loved walks on the mall seeing the memorials, my favorite memorial is the DC World War I Memorial. It’s just beautiful. Rotunda. Light up. Somewhat secluded.

We walked up, and I remember Heather asked me if there was an echo chamber in the rotunda, and I had no idea, so obviously I had to figure it out, so I ran up to find out! Right when I was testing it, (yelling of course… haha) I saw my three friends stepping back and I got a tap on the shoulder.

It was Dan!

I was in shock! He was supposed to be at small group! I kept asking him what he was doing there, over and over again. And on top of that I heard a camera clicking and I wouldn’t stop talking. Dan finally told me to stop talking, and he had something he wanted to ask me! (Later he told me, that he was getting a little frazzled but didn’t want to show it because there was someone taking photos! Haha)

He said some really wonderful things that I wish I remember, but it is all a blur!

He then got down on one knee.

8265338356_486c337411_kHe asked me in American Sign Language if I would marry him.

And I said YES!

8265338186_c91e581f81_kYes to being Mrs. Hurley! At the DC World War I Memorial. On November 1st. So I would like to think that the Red Cups come out to celebrate our engagement anniversary.

That’s normal right?