The whose who of makeup brushes: which do you really need?

Over the years, I’ve accumulated dozens of brushes; however, I tend to only use a couple on the every day basis- Here are my holy grail makeup brushes…

Now first things first, when in doubt, if I were to recommend any brush, the Real Techniques brushes are extremely high quality especially for the price!

Real Techniques Brush Haul Collection

1. Before this brush I had the hardest time blending out my crease shadow, but then I discovered the Mac 217 Blending brush!


2. The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush works magic for your face. If you’re looking for full coverage, this brush is for you!


But then again…. in my opinion, whats the point of spending that much money? I use this flat top brush that is a cop off of this brush and it works wonders! (Also remember that synthetic brushes are always better for an airbrush finish, so make sure its synthetic!)



3. The Beauty Blender, granted it’s not a brush, is my favorite tool of all! Using it damp to blend my under eye concealer, or use it to apply my foundation is a great way to ensure my makeup looks natural! It’s also great to use with cream blush, to blend out a cream contour, or highlight your whole face! Regardless, it’s an all purpose tool!


5. The last brush (Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50) is another all purpose brush. I use it for blush and bronzer, and then I blend the two together for a flawless finish. It’s my favorite way to polish off my makeup because blending the two makes you face look glowing!



After you find you favorites, don’t forget the most important step- Wash your brushes! This keeps them in pristine condition for a lifetime!

Let us know what your holy grail brushes are!

xoxo, Summer