Fall Traditions, New and Old!

Tradition. Have you ever wondered about the traditions that you have in your life?

What are the things that you do on a regular basis that you hold dear to, or have cherished memories about?

Growing up I thought we never really had traditions as a family, but looking back now, the memories that I hold with great fondness and delight are some of the best traditions we had as a family.

Traditions aren’t necessarily something that you do annually, but is a custom that is passed down. And I like to add, that traditions are not just customs, but memories with intentionality.

For me, traditions help me to be present in the moment. Fall seems to bring an onslaught of traditions and memory making opportunities for me. Going out to a Pumpkin/Corn/Apple Adventure has become a very cherished memory and tradition that happens annually. It has been something that gets me out of my daily routine, and to enjoy the fall. A lot of times its hard to work it into the schedule, but its something for me that creates memories for years to come. From Snohomish, WA to Cox Farms in Virginia, to Ganyard Hill Farm in North Carolina. Its been fun to go with friends over several years, but as my location has changed, its been fun to explore new areas within the context of fall! Like, here in Durham, cotton fields are also right next to the pumpkin fields! Talk about being in the south! But what a new and fun memory to add to the already fun and rich memories of pumpkin picking, or fall activities!


I have learned from a lot of dear friends about traditions and they know have have done them a lot longer than I, but I love the idea of intentionally creating moments that last longer than just the here and now.

Tradition is good to remember and reflect, but don’t forget to create new traditions, or putting a new twist on traditions. A  lot of times for me, that means including new people into the traditions I have created.


What are your favorite fall traditions? What can you do to add a fun new twist to them?

Happy Fall!

xoxo,  Jenilee Joy

PS – A caution to those of you who like candy corn (yuck! haha!):