Trapeze School, Next Stop: Circus!

I love trying new things. Crazy things. Things that just seem awesome. But I like doing them with people.

#DanTheMan loves fun things, and most of the time we intersect on similar interests. I learned I love hockey and that was because of #DanTheMan. And we got to be with each other, win win!

But sometimes my desire to try new things and to be with tends to conflict with my husband. Not because he doesn’t like fun things, there are things that are just not his favorite. Heights. Airplanes. Flying in the air.

You know, the crazy stuff.

At one point skydiving was something I wanted to do with #DanTheMan, but “Why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane?” was always the response I got from him.

I think we have settled on a hot air balloon… One day!

One of the events for our trip up to DC was Trapeze School at the Trapeze School of New York. They have a whole get up right by Navy Yard in DC, and I had heard of it for the last couple years!

Trapeze School (TSNY) DCI even tried to coordinate a time to get my friend Maegan and my hero Bob Goff to do it. I don’t even know why it didn’t work out, but for some reason, it didn’t.

I digress.

So, when we found out we were going to do Trapeze School, I was pumped! #DanTheMan was so pumped for me because he knew it was on my life goals list! But he wasn’t as thrilled, because heights.

See, I have a fear of not being in control, and the whole idea of jumping off a platform is terrifying to me. I don’t tell people that often, because the idea of doing something new is far more appealing to me.

I climbed up the ladder.

Was told to grab the pole with one hand, and then let go of the other hand to grab the pole. The instructor said “I got you,” and honestly I didn’t believe him. Even after seeing everyone before me do it. Like I said, I have control issues.

Photo by TSNY Staff(as you can see, I am not convinced I can take my hand off. Ha!)

But that jump!

Photo by TSNY StaffTrapeze School (TSNY) DC

Then going upside down!

Trapeze School (TSNY) DC

Whew! What a rush! It was amazing and so much fun. And worth conquering that fear to do it.

Photo by TSNY Staff Photo by TSNY Staff Photo by TSNY Staff   Trapeze School (TSNY) DC

The TSNY DC crew was awesome, and we got to do so much more than trapezing, which was so fun too!

If you are in DC (or NYC) you should TOTALLY try it! It was fun, exhilarating and worth doing. #DanTheMan even said it was fun! That’s when you know it was really, truly fun!

Here’s a little video of me doing it. Notice I don’t take my hands off the bar for very long, haha!

*All Photos taken by the TSNY DC staff