What Brings a Smile to your face?


Being that I am in a new town, trying to learn the area, and making this my new home, I try to be intentional about finding things that make me smile or that make me happy! One of those things is trying new coffee shops or little quaint pastry shops. As much as I love being from Seattle, and Starbucks holds a special place in my heart (go ahead and gasp…), I also love trying new little shops!

Each coffee shop has their unique flavor, or settings, or coffee, or specialty drinks. I love discovering it all! Yesterday, I went to Cocoa Cinnamon, which is a fun coffee shop with great outdoor seating, and a really cool environment! It was nice to get out of the house, and take a break from my couch!

What do you do that brings a smile to your face? Do you like trying new coffee shops? Or maybe its venturing out to trying new types of ice cream, or maybe its working with kids, or trying a new recipe. Whatever it may be, finding the joy in the little things is something we need to search out more times than not, especially when you are in a new area and things seem overwhelming or nothing seems familiar.

Sometimes it takes one thought, and sometimes it takes several days to reflect and find the things that make you smile, and sometimes you have to take a step out of your comfort zone to find those things that make you smile. But its worth it!

Don’t allow yourself to get so busy or overwhelmed that you forget to smile. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So go out there and smile, it might make someone else smile!

I met this little guy on a missions trip to Zambia, his name is Sam, and just looking at this picture makes me smile, and sweet memories flood back. I mean, try not to smile when looking at him!